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Alternative Choices

From 17th April

From week commencing 17 April, the School House at Prior Park First School, opens its doors to Alternative Choices.


Choices4Growth have listened to the needs of our communities and have identified that everyone, especially those children experiencing difficulties attending schools, require access to our services.


Alternative Choices is part of the original school-based project and will also bring one to one counselling and drop-in session support to children in Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Our aim is to continue to provide a safe, welcoming, and neutral site for children to work through any anxieties they have whilst recognising the emotional support that they need to help build resilience to cope with external pressures that may have a negative impact on their school attendance. 


We are currently working within seven schools in Berwick-upon-Tweed and the surrounding areas, supporting staff and children throughout all key stages. The project is valued and respected throughout the school communities. 


Those children who struggle to attend school will benefit and our aim will be to work with those children and their families helping them return to mainstream education settings.


The children are the future and we can provide the support that they need through Alternative Choices, resulting in a more positive timeframe for the children to progress with their academic careers enhancing their chances of leaving school with qualifications for future employment. 


This project aims to provide a sustainable approach to mental health support for young people in the area.


Councillor Isabel Hunter has commented:

“As the local County Councillor, I welcome the opening of this new one to one counselling project in my ward, this is going to help and support local children who need additional support to allow them reach their goals in life. Good Luck to all the staff at Alternative Choices, I look forward to seeing you grow and flourish.”


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